Is your business equipped to manage uncertainty?

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With new leadership pending, the possibility of a General Election next year and ongoing inflation and cost increases there is a lot of uncertainty for businesses right now.

And while uncertainty forms a significant part of any business, the best business leaders don’t just wait to see what happens. Instead, they identify risks and plan for multiple outcomes.

But such strategic planning requires a specialist skillset that few possess.

Generator’s specialists have the skillset needed for such strategic planning. Our deep functional expertise spans across a wide range of sectors, businesses and economic backdrops to help you effectively deal with uncertainty and implement a plan to manage it.

Our solutions to help you manage uncertainty might include:

➤ Establishing a risk management plan
➤ Developing worst-case scenarios
➤ Mapping a route to diversification
➤ Looking for gaps and opportunities
➤ Designing an early warning system
➤ Encouraging value-based decision making
➤ Embracing resilient practices
➤ Building flexibility into operations
➤ Adopting technology


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About GoTo Generator

Generator are senior specialists collaborating in teams on projects to deliver value-based outcomes.

Our promise to our clients:

  • We deliver outcomes faster and more efficiently than individual providers
  • We operate an expertise-based model which means the senior specialists who take on the project PLAN, EXECUTE and DELIVER the project
  • We share our experience and expertise using our hands-on approach
  • We deliver faster results often achieving multiples of ROI on EBITDA/Cash
  • We work with companies who have a strong desire and ambition to grow, accepting that change is part of that process.

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