Failures happen

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Failures happen. They’re a fact of life and can’t be escaped, especially when running a business.

And while some failures are small and easily managed, others can have disastrous consequences and cause significant disruption.

Take the UK’s recent air traffic control failure as an example. Due to a technical glitch, more than 1,500 flights were cancelled on one of the busiest travel days of the year and thousands upon thousands of passengers were stranded across Europe for up to a week.

While the initial technical fault took only a matter of hours to fix, the knock-on effects have been severe due to the tight schedules airlines operate, planes and crews being in the wrong places and safety considerations to prioritise. Individuals affected have incurred extra costs, had to cancel plans, take more time off work and the list goes on. Air traffic control, airlines and their insurers will be dealing with the effects of the glitch for months to come while reimbursement is sought and complaints are dealt with.

While the scale of this failure was unique, businesses should take note. A seemingly small or insignificant upset can snowball into long-term or costly disruption that may be hard to recover from.

And while this can happen in any industry, it’s a particular concern for manufacturing businesses or those operating supply chains.

Mitigating potential issues, implementing lean processes and improving overall operations is one of GoTo Generators’ specialities. Our Lean Operations & Supply Chain Specialist Andy Dobson has spent more that 25 years helping manufacturers and suppliers stay at the top of their game and ahead of the competition.



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