Collaboration is the key to unlocking growth

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Yesterday, Generator’s Transformation & Diversification Specialist Maria Pombo attended the CBI Future of Work Conference in London.

The conference focused on shifts and trends in the workplace with panel discussions on a range of topics including health and wellbeing, digital skills, talent retention, attracting generational workers and flexibility and productivity.

Maria’s key takeaway from the day? That employers need to give more thought to their employee value proposition.

The UK is currently short of 1 million workers and in order to attract the talent that remains, companies must to listen to employee needs (9/10 want flexibility in working arrangements) and make sure that employees are given a clear understanding of expectations and outcomes so they know what is expected and how they can grow both within the company and within their career.

Essentially, companies need to view the relationships they have with their employees as collaborative rather than transactional.

This is a point we at Generator feel very strongly about. We approach relationships with our clients as just that, collaborative alliances where we work together to drive sustainable, profitable, and future-proofed growth.

By working closely with our clients, we not only help you achieve your goals, but transfer the skills and expertise we bring to the job so that when our time together is over, your business and staff are fully equipped and confident to continue without us.

This is also the way we approach working with one another. Generator is an alliance formed between cross-functional senior experts who can call on one another to fill a gap in expertise, provide specialist support or even just give an alternative perspective on a problem.

For clients of Generator, this means you can seamlessly and simply access a diverse set of skills without hassle.


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About GoTo Generator

Generator are senior specialists collaborating in teams on projects to deliver value-based outcomes.

Our promise to our clients:

  • We deliver outcomes faster and more efficiently than individual providers
  • We operate an expertise-based model which means the senior specialists who take on the project PLAN, EXECUTE and DELIVER the project
  • We share our experience and expertise using our hands-on approach
  • We deliver faster results often achieving multiples of ROI on EBITDA/Cash
  • We work with companies who have a strong desire and ambition to grow, accepting that change is part of that process.

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